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LRDG Influencers Program

LRDG is the marketing partner of many local and international brands. Click here to see our recent projects.

We offer social influencers with different kind of collaboration programs, such as food tasting, hotel & vacation trials, SPA / RMT and manicure trials, new phone and gadgets testings, and much more, and they are ALL FREE!

And LRDG will give you gift cards after your sharing.

Join our Influence Program, we will email you when an opportunity arrives and match your profile.

e.g. IG: @yourusername  /  FB: pagename  /  Twitter: @handle  /  Youtube:  Channel name  etc...

Note: If you cannot pass through the "I'm not a robot" test, please update your browser to the latest version. As Google reCAPTCHA also check your browser's version for data security.

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