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LRDG's Story

We are a marketing agency based strongly in Toronto with unlimited creativity and uncountable experiences.


Our team is Pragmatic Marketing Certified (PMC) and professional in branding, design, product development and positioning, product management and omni-marketing.


Our Creative and Marketing Director, Henri, has served multinational companies, marketing agencies, and start-ups. His strategies and marketing plans helped many businesses multiply their revenues, enhanced consumers loyalty, and elevated companies to another levels.

Become one of our clients, become a shining star in your industry.

LRDG's Clients

LRDG is specialised in CPG and consumer services (esp. cosmetics, foods and groceries), yet our clients in Toronto and Hong Kong also include SAAS companies, financial institutions, B2B products and services, education and education softwares, artists, musicians, and professional practitioners (CPAs, lawyers, physicians, dentists, chiropractors...)

Ethnicity matters to us. Our projects cover most of Canadian ethnicities and languages: Caucasians, Francophone, Korean, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Hong Konger, Chinese... etc. Have question? Submit the form now.

Although some corporations and franchises cannot be shown here, you may see our recent projects below and discuss with us on your needs.

Branded Cosmetics

Our recent projects

Other brands / projects that LRDG had collaborated with

... and more...
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Creativity creates opportunities for your business's activities.

Henri, creative and marketing director, LRDG

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