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Road to success: Step 3


To level-up your business, you need PUBS

Makeup Products

Product Design

  • Premiumize your product

  • Create value

  • Value creates revenue

  • Add premium product/services to existing product range can push customers towards the higher spending side of the spending curve

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  • Is it easy to do business with you?

  • Is every step clear for customer to follow?

  • Does your website or product purchase process simple?

  • Do customers feel happier and more satisfied when doing business with you than with your competitors?

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Always evolve.

  • Set trends / stay on top of trends

  • Cater your brand to your target audiences

  • Maintain an attractive look



  • Find what the market needs

  • Find blue sea / avoid red sea

  • Find missing features of big brands' products, fill the gaps

Road to success: Step 3


To level-up your business, you need PUBS:

  • Product Design.

    • Premiumizing your product generates more value and revenue

    • Customers are willing to pay 70% more for similar products that display top-notch quality

  • UX/UI. Is doing business with you easy and comfortable?

    • Try getting a friend to experience your business throughout the customer process, from finding you, to choosing a product/service, to paying, to after-sales services. How would they rate the overall experience? User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) really matter to online conversions

  • Branding.

    • A good-looking, continuously evolving and on-trend brand always gets customers' attention and conversion easier than brands that look outdated

  • Strategy.

    • Research the market, discover consumers' needs, find the blue sea (a product/service that has no or very few competitors) and avoid red sea (a product/service that has so many competitions and the war is reddening the sea). A secondary business focus can be researching and filling the gaps in services or products offered by big brands.

Enhancing your customers’ experiences

can enhance customer loyalty, which means they come back to you more often and think of you first when they need something you have.


To attract returning customers, you need good branding, strategies and re-marketing.

Make Them Happy!

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