Road to success: Step 3


To level-up your business, you need PUBS

Makeup Products

Product Design

  • Premium-ize your product

  • Create value

  • Value create revenue

  • Add premium product/services to existing product range can push customers towards the higher spending side

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  • Is it easy to do business with you?

  • Is every step clear for customer to follow?

  • Does your website or product purchase process simple?

  • Do customers feel good and less frustration when doing business with you than your competitors?

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Always evolve.

  • Set trends / close to trends

  • Brand your brand close to your target audiences

  • Don't look ugly



  • Find what the market needs

  • Find blue sea / avoid red sea

  • Find missing features of big brands' product, fill the hole

Road to success: Step 3


To level-up your business, you need PUBS:

  • Product Design.

    • Premium-ize your product generates more Value and revenue​

    • Customers willing to pay 70% more for similar products that looks great and high-ended

  • UX/UI. Is doing business with you easy and comfortable? Try to get a friend to experience it throughout the process of: finding you, to choosing a product/service, to pay, to after-sales services, how do they feel? User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) really matters to online conversions

  • Branding. A good looking, continuous evolving and close-to-trend brand always get customers' attention and conversion easier than those who looks 80's

  • Strategy. Research the market, find the people's needs, find the blue sea. Secondary business focus can be an affiliate to big brands' services or products, to fill out what they are missing

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