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Road to success: Step 2


Want more sales? You need some POINTS

Brainstorm Team Meeting


  • Marketing 5 Ps: Problem, Product, Place, Price, Promotion

  • Production positioning statement is important

  • E.g. Amazon's Kindle positioning statement: (sold 90 million devices worldwide)
    "For travellers who read a lot, the Kindle is an electronic book-reader that puts thousands of books at your fingertips"


Outbound Marketing

  • Set aside a small amount of budget for ads on:

  • Social media

  • Search engines

  • Local magazines

Computer Programming

Inbound Marketing


  • Use problem-oriented keywords so your products rank higher

  • Register with search engine to manage keywords performance

  • Register with local business listing websites

  • Update regularly and consistently

Shaking Hands


  • Stay Active: Real Personal Networking- keep your business hat on

  • Build your Social media networks

Man Hands On Keyboard


  • Use tracking softwares (e.g. Google Analytics) to track campaigns' performance

  • Adjust and fine-tune



  • Pre-sales services are important

  • Post-sales services are more important to get repeated sales and referrals

Road to success: Step 2


Want more sales? You need some POINTS:

  • Positioning. Know the marketing 5 Ps: Problem, Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. Also, write a product positioning statement that resonates with your customer's deepest emotions and desires.

  • Outbound marketing. Regularly pay a small amount of money to social media, search engine or local magazines for ads.

  • Inbound marketing. Namely Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Make sure your products or services are found on search engines by using problem-oriented keywords, updated regularly. Register and update with search engine registry (e.g. Google Search Console)

  • Networks. Stay active both online and offline. Your personal interaction with people can generate higher quality and more secure business opportunities.

  • Tracking. Use tools to track the effectiveness of your marketing approach and performance in turning someone into your customer (Conversion). Find out which part of the sales and marketing process needs improvement and improve it.

  • Services. This is related to customer loyalty, repeated sales rate, and referral. Your services, from before sales to after sales, matter!

When customers find you based on their needs,


you can achieve a 128% higher sales completion rate!

We help draw customers to your business by putting your company in a position where:

Customers need you!

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